Women in Cachexia (WCX)

About Us 

We welcome marginalized genders, including but not limited to women, non-binary and gender fluid individuals who are involved in teaching about and researching cachexia, to join the Women in Cachexia (WCX) group.

The goals of this interest group are to (1) introduce discussions about and promote gender equity among cancer cachexia researchers, and (2) increase leadership capacity, sense of belonging, and networking/mentoring among cancer cachexia researchers within the group.

WCX will provide opportunities to discuss science, career options, obstacles and lived experiences among its members. We plan to organize events which not only highlight the science, but also the narratives of individuals in academia and industry.

Individuals who either identify as a marginalized gender or wanting to provide allied support but not belonging to the groups mentioned are welcome to email us at [email protected] for ways to support this initiative.


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WCX Sub-Committee 

Brittany Counts, PhD

Aneesha Dasgupta, PhD

Deena Snoke, PhD

Paige Arneson-Wissink, PhD
Communications Lead