Member Benefits

As a member of the Society you will have access to resources specifically selected by our board members and members of our Education and Advocacy committees. These materials will span a broad range of topics of cachexia pre-clinical and clinical research, including information useful for patients and caregivers. Members will be informed of seminars and workshops as well as recommended reference guides covering the latest laboratory advancements and clinical trials in cancer cachexia. A network will also be available to assist in recruiting for positions or connecting with other patients and caregivers. A society membership also includes a 10% discount on registration to the international Cancer Cachexia Conferences.


Current CCS member benefits include:

  • Receive information by email on seminars, workshops, initiatives, and funding opportunities within and outside the CCS
  • Access recorded educational sessions and seminars as well as recommended references on cachexia
  • Elect new Directors to the Board
  • Participate in Committees and new initiatives
  • Access the CCS membership network to assist in recruiting for positions
  • Participate in patient advocacy and connecting with patients and caregivers
  • Post job openings via the CCS website
  • Opportunities to lead/participate in discussion fora and consensus papers
  • Help to support the mission of the Society (research, education and advocacy) and thus the future of cancer cachexia as an entity

New and Future CCS member benefits include:

  • Cancer Cachexia Clinical trials network
  • Discount on 2025 Cancer Cachexia Conference (10%)
  • Opportunity to apply for the Frederick R Sonntag Memorial Travel Award
  • Opportunity to be nominated for Society awards such as the Next Gen Award