Education Committee Members

This committee was organized to provide our membership the educational resources needed to stay informed on the latest developments in cancer cachexia. The committee is made up of early-career faculty members dedicated to the study of cancer cachexia mechanism and therapeutics. An online seminar series that brings together one hundred of our community members each month was launched in the fall of 2020. More recently, the committee broadened its communication with our society members by introducing a Society Slack to facilitate communication between members.


Richard Dunne, MD


Erin E. Talbert, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Hematology & Oncology University of Rochester Medical Center, USA


Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Human Physiology University of Iowa, USA


Laure Bindels, PhD


Andrea Bonetto, PhD

Assistant Professor, Louvain Drug Research Institute, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium


Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Indiana University College of Medicine, USA


Marcus DaSilva Goncalves, MD, PhD


Fabio Penna, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical Center, USA


Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University of Torino, Italy



Roberta Sartori, PhD



Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM), Padova and Department of Biomedical Sciences University of Padova, Italy