Cachexia is the unintentional weight loss caused by tumors. Cachexia includes symptoms of low appetite (anorexia), weakness, tiredness/fatigue, weight loss, fat and muscle loss. These symptoms result from tumor-induced changes in metabolism and inflammation. Cachexia contributes to poor outcomes in cancer including reduced response to therapy. Currently there are few approved treatments for cancer cachexia, but the outlook for interventions in cancer cachexia is improving with growth of research and clinical testing.

The Cancer Cachexia Society is a community of basic scientists, translational researchers, clinician-investigators, health care providers, industry partners, advocates, and patients. We work together to increase knowledge, research, education, awareness, and treatment of cachexia. Through international conferences, a monthly seminar seriesresearch and educational resources, and social media interactions for patients and professionals, we aim to leverage the expertise of our community to make powerful change for people with cancer.

Please join us in our work to end suffering from cancer cachexia.

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July Cancer Cachexia Society Seminar

Wednesday, July 12th – 12:00 pm Eastern Time
Andreas Fischer, MD – University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany
"The endothelium as a critical mediator of adipose tissue remodeling in cancer"

To join us on July 12th, click on the following Zoom link: https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/93499413398