7th Cancer Cachexia Conference
September 28-30, 2023  |  Edinburgh, Scotland

Advancing knowledge and clinical interventions in cancer cachexia


Program update: September 24, 2023

Final Program - In Person

CCS will again be using the Whova mobile application : https://whova.com/portal/ccc_202309/
Presentations will be recorded but due to prohibitive cost, there will be no virtual attendance or live streaming.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

7:00 am

Registration and Morning coffee

All plenary sessions are held in The Wolfson Hall, Qincentenary Building

Conference Opening

8:00 am

Welcome and Introductory Remarks
CCS President
Teresa Zimmers, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University, USA

Clinical Advances in Cancer Cachexia

Session A: State-of-the-Knowledge: Clinical Fundamentals of Cancer Cachexia
Chair: Tora Solheim, MD - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NORWAY
8:10 am

Update on consensus definition of cancer cachexia
Vickie Baracos, PhD - University of Alberta, CANADA

8:40 am

Endpoints in cachexic clinical trials - taking stock, moving forward
Barry Laird, MBChB MRCGP MD - University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

9:10 am

Cardiac wasting in advanced cancer & its therapeutic implications
Stefan Anker, PhD MD - Charité Berlin, GERMANY

9:40 am

Body composition and lung cancer-associated cachexia in TRACERx
Othman Al-Sawaf, MD - University College London, UK

9:55 am

Initial changes in weight, fatigue, and physical functioning during oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in patients with colorectal and pancreatic cancer: A preliminary analysis from the PATTERN study (NCT05790538)
Kerri Winters-Stone, PhD - Oregon Health & Science University, USA

10:10 am

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Session B: Recent Clinical Trials and Trial Results
Chair: Richard Skipworth, MBChB MD FRCS - University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
10:30 am

Ponsegromab as a potential therapy for cancer cachexia
John D. Groarke, MBBCh MSc MPH – Pfizer, Inc.

11:00 am

Central relays in cancer cachexia
Daniel Marks, MD PhD – Oregon Health & Science University, USA

11:30 am

Clinical Update on Anamorelin: Efficacy and Safety Results from the SCALA Phase 3 Studies
David Currow, BMed, MPH, PhD, FRACP, FAHMS - University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA

12:00 pm

FORCE: Results from a randomized trial of resistance training in colon cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
Bette Caan, DrPH - Kaiser Permanente, USA

12:15 pm

A randomized phase II study of early nutritional and exercise treatment for elderly patients with advanced non-small cell lung or pancreatic cancer: the NEXTAC-TWO study
Tateaki Naito, MD PhD 
- Shizuoka Cancer Center, JAPAN

12:30 pm

LUNCH BREAK - Cachexia Speed Networking

Considering People with Cancer Cachexia

Chair: Jose Garcia, MD, PhD - VA Puget Sound Health Care System, USA

1:30 pm

Developing a Cachexia Lexicon
Elif Andac-Jones, PhD - Cancer Support Community, USA

1:45 pm

Patient-Provider-Caregiver Panel
Martin Kochanczyk, PhD – Cancer Cachexia Society, USA

Marie Fallon, MD - University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
Tony Duffy, MSc, MBChB (Hons), NHS Lothian, SCOTLAND
Martin Kochanczyk, PhD – Cancer Cachexia Society, USA
Amy Mcluskie, MS - University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

History of Cancer Cachexia Research in Scotland

Chair: Barry Laird, MBChB MRCGP MD - University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

3:00 pm

History of cancer cachexia research in Glasgow
Donald McMillan, PhD OBE – University of Glasgow, SCOTLAND

3:25 pm

Cachexia research - the Edinburgh perspective
Stephen Wigmore, Regius Chair of Clinical Surgery – University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

3:45 pm

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Next Generation Researchers in Cancer Cachexia

Andrea Bonetto, PhD – University of Colorado, USA 
Maria Rohm, PhD - Helmholtz Center Münich, GERMANY

4:00 pm

Hepatic STAT3 signaling impairs ketogenesis and drives early pancreatic cancer cachexia
Paige Arneson-Wissink, PhD - Oregon Health & Science University, USA

4:15 pm

Transcriptionally Diverse Myonuclei are Present Prior to Muscle Wasting in PDAC Cachexia
Brittany Counts, PhD - Oregon Health & Science University, USA

4:30 pm

Respiratory Muscle Pathology in Patients with Esophagogastric Adenocarcinoma
Miles Cameron, PhD - University of Florida, USA

4:45 pm

Tumoral acidosis supports adipose tissue depletion by fostering adipose lipolysis
Camille Lefevre, PhD - UCLouvain, BELGIUM

5:00 pm

Refractory cachexia causes an unexpected hypersensitivity to insulin
Steffen H. Raun, PhD - University of Copenhagen, DENMARK

5:15 pm Deciphering the cachexia-inducing signature
Roberta Sartori, PhDUniversity of Padova, ITALY

Scientific Initiatives of the Cancer Cachexia Society

5:30 pm

Introduction from the Chair
Teresa Zimmers, PhD - CCS President 

5:35 pm

Towards a consensus on standards for rodent models of cancer cachexia
Paul Gregorevic, PhD - University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

5:55 pm

The CCS Clinical Trials Advisory Board
Richard Skipworth, MBChB MD FRCS
 - University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

6:15 pm

End of Scientific Program Day 

7:00 pm

• Whisky tasting
Ghost tour of Edinburgh
Haunted Vaults Tour

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Friday, September 29, 2023

7:30 am

Networking Corner

7:45 am

Registration and Morning Coffee

All plenary sessions are in Wolson Hall, Qincentenary Building

NCI/CRUK Cancer Grand Challenge - CANCAN

8:25 am

Introduction from the Chair
Bette Caan, DrPH - Kaiser Permanente, USA

8:30 am

Leveraging our microbial world for our understanding of cachexia
Janelle Ayres, PhD – Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA

9:00 am

The Role of Positron Emission Tomography in Understanding Cancer Cachexia
David Lewis, PhD - Cancer Research Beatson Institute, SCOTLAND

9:30 am

Identifying metabolic drivers of cancer cachexia with metabolomics and metabolic flux quantifications
Tony Hui, PhD – Harvard University, USA

10:00 am

Working Towards a Precision Medicine Framework in Cancer Cachexia: Learning from Patients
Richard Dunne, MD - University of Rochester, USA

10:30 am

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Tumor as driver of cachexia

Chair: Teresa A Zimmers, PhD - Oregon Health & Science University, USA

10:45 am

Pancreatic Cancer Cachexia
Min Li, PhD – The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA

11:15 am

Heterogeneity of cachexia development in NSCLC
Rodney Infante, MD PhD - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

11:45 am

Leveraging real-world data to predict cancer cachexia stage, quality of life, and survival in a racially and ethnically diverse multi-institutional cohort of treatment-naive patients with pancreatic cancer
Jennifer Permuth, PhD for the Florida Pancreas Collaborative - Moffitt Cancer Center, USA

12:15 pm

The relationship between tumour IL-6/JAK/STAT and NFKB pathway activation, the systemic inflammatory response; body composition and survival in patients with operable colon cancer
Ross Dolan, PhD - University of Glasgow, SCOTLAND

12:30 pm

Blocking the release of cancer cell-derived extracellular vesicles attenuates cancer-associated cachexia
Akbar Marzan - La Trobe Institute of Molecular Sciences, AUSTRALIA

12:45 pm


Artelo Biosciences Symposium

1:45 pm

Exhibit and Poster Viewing A

Offered by Helsinn Healthcare SA 

2:45 pm

Exhibit and Poster Viewing B

Offered by Helsinn Healthcare SA

3:30 pm

COFFEE BREAK offered by Nutricia

Cachexia and muscle wasting as a driver of cancer

Chair: Erin Talbert, PhD - University of Iowa, USA

4:00 pm

Muscle-tumor crosstalk during cancer cachexia
Bert Blaauw, PhD - Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine, ITALY

4:30 pm

Host Murf1 deletion preserves muscle and slows pancreatic cancer progression
Andrew Judge, PhD - University of Florida, USA

5:00 pm

Tumor-host cross talk: delineating the reciprocal contribution of muscle wasting to tumor progression
Jason Doles, PhD - Indiana University, USA

5:15 pm

BNIP3-dependent muscle atrophy in cancer cachexia promotes PDAC progression
Kay Macleod, PhD - University of Chicago, USA

5:30 pm

End of Scientific Program Day

6:30 pm *Festive Dinner
9:00 pm *Cèilidh – a traditional Scottish party

Saturday, September 30, 2023

7:45 am

Registration and Morning coffee

All plenary sessions are in Wolson Hall, Qincentenary Buildling

Multi-organ crosstalk in Cancer Cachexia

Chair: Fabio Penna, PhD - University of Torino, ITALY 
8:15 am

Gut microbiome alterations and metabolic disorders in acute myeloid leukemia
Laure Bindels, PhD - Université catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM

8:45 am

Tumour-host interactions and metabolic dependencies during cachexia-like organ wasting in Drosophila melanogaster
Tor Erik Rusten, PhD – University of Oslo, NORWAY

9:15 am

Inter- and intra-tissue crosstalk underlying cancer-associated cachexia
Martina Schweiger, PhD - University of Graz, AUSTRIA

9:30 am

Development of a peptide drug restoring AMPK and adipose tissue functionality in cancer cachexia
Honglei Ji, PhD - Helmholtz Center Munich, GERMANY

9:45 am

The tumor-liver axis as a mediator of cancer-induced musculoskeletal wasting
Joshua Huot, PhD - Indiana University, USA

10:00 am

COFFEE BREAK offered by Abbott

Keynote Address

10:15 am

Introduction of Kenneth C.H. Fearon Memorial Lecture
Marie Fallon, MD - University of Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

10:20 am

How Different Environments Can Influence Our Understanding of Muscle Wasting in Cancer Cachexia
Denis Guttridge, PhD - Medical University of South Carolina, USA

Cutting Edge Research in Cancer Cachexia

Chair: Denis Guttridge, PhD - Medical University of South Carolina, USA
11:30 am

Novel AI to characterise and discover undiagnosed and miscoded patients with cancer cachexia at scale in a privacy-preserving manner
Marcin Burda - Pangaea Data, UK

11:35 am

Utilizing age-appropriate models to decipher metabolic targets in cancer cachexia
Aneesha Dasgupta, PhD - Indiana University, USA

11:40 am

Genome and transcriptome signatures of cachexia in metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Joanna Karasinska, PhD - BC Cancer, CANADA

11:45 am

Muscle and adipose wasting despite disease control: unaddressed side effects of chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer
Pamela Klassen, RD, PhD Candidate - University of Alberta, CANADA

11:50 am

Multi-organ systems map of vascular reprogramming during cancer-cachexia
Stephanie Preuss, MSc - German Cancer Research Center, GERMANY

12:00 pm


Endevica Biosciences Symposium

Immunometabolism of Cancer Cachexia

Chair: Marilia Seelaender, PhD - University of São Paulo, BRAZIL
1:30 pm

Relationships Between Cancer Cachexia, Elevated Drug Clearance, and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Response
Christopher Coss, PhD - The Ohio State University, USA

2:00 pm

IL-6 and adaptive metabolism in cancer cachexia
Aaron Grossberg, MD PhD - Oregon Health & Science University, USA

2:30 pm

Using cachexia to augment prognosis estimation after chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in a multi-site study
Ishan Roy, MD PhD - Shirley Ryan AbilityLab & Northwestern University, USA

2:45 pm

A Systemic View of Cancer Cachexia: Consequences of Altered Metabolic Networks
Selma Masri, PhD - University of California, Irvine, USA

3:00 pm


IL-5 promotes pro-cachectic PMN-MDSC functions in cancer-associated cachexia
Kasia Dzierlega - University of Alberta, CANADA

3:15 pm

COFFEE BREAK offered by Abbott

Novel targetable pathways, therapeutic strategies, and biological diversity

Chair: Imed Gallouzi, PhD - KAUST, SAUDI ARABIA
3:30 pm

A novel target for tumor growth and muscle wasting
Marco Sandri, PhD - University of Padova, ITALY

4:00 pm

Long noncoding RNAs in the regeneration of aging muscle
Myriam Gorospe, PhD – National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, USA

4:30 pm

Age-related effects creating a permissive environment for sarcopenia
David Glass, MD, PhD – Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA

5:00 pm

Racial/ethnic heterogeneity in cancer cachexia
Jose Trevino, MD - Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

5:30 pm

CaCaOdb: a comprehensive transcriptomic database for cancer cachexia research
Robson Carvalho, PhD - São Paulo State University (UNESP), BRAZIL

5:45 pm

Presentation of Awards
Denis Guttridge, PhD - Medical University of South Carolina, USA
Andrew Judge, PhD – University of Florida, USA
Teresa Zimmers, PhD – Oregon Health & Science University, USA

Closing Remarks
Teresa Zimmers, PhD – Oregon Health & Science University, USA
Andrew Judge, PhD – University of Florida, USA

6:30 pm

End of Conference

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