6th Cancer Cachexia Conference 
August 27-29, 2021

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Please access sessions via the Whova app: https://ccc2021.events.whova.com

Until October 15, 2021, all recordings are available to registered attendees in the Whova app (with consent of the presenter)
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We invite you to take part in our next Cancer Cachexia Conference: Bridging Molecular Advances to Clinical Care. This sixth edition meeting will take place on August 27-29th, 2021. The meeting, international in scope, will feature outstanding speakers, all leading scientists and physician-scientists actively working in the area of cancer cachexia. Oral and poster presentations along with ample time allotted for discussions will fill the 3-day program. We will reprise the pre-meeting focused on the advancement of clinical trials, with an emphasis on functional outcome measures and clinical trial results. In addition to past favorite sessions, including Next Generation Researchers, we are excited to add several new session topics, including “Metabolic Dysfunction in Cancer Cachexia,” “Nutrition Imbalance and Strategies in Cancer Cachexia,” “Biological Variables in Cancer Cachexia,” “Therapy-Induced Muscle Dysfunction and Wasting,” and “Mechanisms of Muscle Wasting: Microenvironment.” These new topics, the engagement of speakers, and up-to-the-minute science in our program will ensure a stimulating and successful meeting for all.

Leveraging the best of both platforms, this will be a hybrid meeting, with both in-person networking elements for those who can travel, and a complete scientific program delivered virtually for all. Given the continued uncertainty over border crossings, we regretfully made the decision to withdraw our meeting from Montreal and instead chose the University of Florida in Gainesville, USA as an alternative conference site. The University of Florida campus is an exceptionally welcoming location for our congress, and we believe the venue we have chosen to hold the talks at the Harn Museum is a unique setting that will be well appreciated for those attending in person or online.

We look forward to having you join us for our 6th international Cancer Cachexia Conference.

Warmest regards,

Organizing Committee
Denis Guttridge, PhD (Chair)

Marie Fallon, MD
Imed Gallouzi, PhD
Andrew Judge, PhD
Stein Kaasa, MD, PhD
Teresa Zimmers, PhD

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