5th Cancer Cachexia Conference – 
Bridging Molecular Advances to Clinical Care


Updated: September 12, 2019


Friday, September 11, 2020

7:30 am            Registration

(Montreal Grand Ballroom Foyet)


Note: All general sessions are held in the Montreal Grand Ballroom

Clinical Advances in Assessments and Management in Cancer Cachexia


Session A: Functional Outcome Measures for Cancer Cachexia

Chair: Dan Marks, MD, PhD - Oregon Health Sciences University, USA


8:20 am            Introductory Remarks


8:30 am            Speaker 1 – TBA (from requested abstracts)


9:00 am            Speaker 2 – TBA (from requested abstracts)


9:30 am            Jorge Nieva, MD

                       University of Southern California, USA

     “Karnofsky Revisited – Measuring Performance Status in the Digital Age”



10:00 am          Coffee Break

                      (Montreal Grand Ballroom Foyer)


Session B: Clinical Trial Results 


10:30 am          TBA



11:00 am          Tora Solheim, PhD

                      St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital, Norway


11:30 am          Jose Garcia, MD, PhD

                              University of Washington, USA

     “Androgens in cancer cachexia: a new purpose for an old drug”



12:00 pm          Short Talk 1 (selected from abstracts)


12:15 pm             Short Talk 2 (selected from abstracts)


12:30 pm          Lunch

                      Box lunches will be provided


Session C: Conversations with Caregivers and Patients 

Moderator 1: Thomas R. Jagoe, MD – McGill University, Canada

Moderator 2: Patient from McGill Univeristy


1:30-2:30 pm     Program for Caregivers and Patients

(Montreal Grand Ballroom)


2:30 pm            Poster Set Up

(Montreal Grand Ballroom – Section D)



Session 1

Introductory Remarks and Keynote Address

Chair: Josep Argiles, PhD - University of Barcelona, Spain


(Montreal Grand Ballroom)


3:45 pm            Introductions to the 5th Cancer Cachexia Conference

Denis C. Guttridge, PhD

Medical University of South Carolina, USA


4:00 pm            Keynote Address

                              Annemie Schols, PhD

                      Masstricht University, Netherlands


5:00 pm            Cutting Edge Science in Cancer Cachexia

Six speakers chosen from selected abstracts


5:30-7:30 pm     Welcoming Reception

(Fortification Room)


7:30 pm            Poster Viewing

(Montreal Grand Ballroom – Section D)


Saturday, September 12, 2020

6:30-8:30 am     Breakfast

              (Montreal Grand Ballroom Foyer)


Note: All general sessions are held in the Montreal Grand Ballroom

Session 2

Metabolic Dysfunction in Cancer Cachexia

Chair: TBA


8:30 am            Speaker 7


9:00 am            Stephan Herzig, PhD

Helmholtz Diabetes and Cancer Center, Germany

“Organ-specific metabolic programs in cancer cachexia”

                              Selected Short Talks

9:30 am            Short Talk 3 (selected from abstracts)


9:45 am            Short Talk 4 (selected from abstracts)


10:30 am          Coffee Break

(Montreal Grand Ballroom Foyer)


Session 3

Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle Wasting: Myofiber

Chair: Andy Judge, PhD - University of Florida, USA


11:00 am          Paul Gregorevic, PhD 

University of Melbourne, Australia

“Exploring and targeting new mechanisms implicated in muscle wasting associated with cancer cachexia”


11:30 am          Imed Gallouzi, PhD

McGill University, CA


12:00 pm          David Glass, MD

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, USA


12:30 pm          Lunch

(Fortification Room)


1:45-3:45 pm     Poster Viewing

(Montreal Grand Ballroom – Section D)

Session 4

Nutrition Imbalance and Strategies in Cancer Cachexia

Chair: Richard Skipworth, MD - University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


4:00 pm            Speaker 19


4:30 pm            Speaker 20

Selected Short Talks

5:00 pm            Klaske Van Norren, PhD (selected from abstracts)

                              Wageningen University, Netherlands


5:15 pm            Silvia Busquets, PhD (selected from abstracts)

                      University of Barcelona, Spain


5:30 pm            End of program day


Sunday, September 13, 2019

6:30-8:30 am     Breakfast

(Montreal Grand Ballroom Foyer)


Session 5

Identification of Biomarkers in Cancer Cachexia



8:30 am            Vera Mazurak, PhD

                              University of Calgary, Canada

                       "Moving forward with Human Muscle Evaluation: Proceed with Caution"


9:00 am            David Thomas, MD

                      Broad Institute, USA

                              Selected Short Talks

9:30 am            Bary Laird, PhD (selected from abstracts)

                       University of Edinburgh, UK


9:45 am            Helen Heymann, MMSC (selected from abstracts)

                              Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, USA


10:00 am          Coffee Break

                      Announcement of Poster Winners (3 basic science, 3 clinical science)

(Montreal Grand Ballroom Foyet)


Session 6

Next Generation Researchers in Cancer Cachexia

Chairs: Rishi Jain, MD, Fox Chase Cancer Center, USA

         Cynthia Stretch, PhD, University of Calgary, CA


To promote upcoming and young faculty researchers: Speakers chosen from submitted applications


10:30 am          Speaker 1 – TBA Tarah Ballinger, MD Indiana University, USA

10:45 am          Speaker 2 – TBA

11:00 am          Speaker 3 – TBA

11:15 am          Speaker 4 – TBA

11:30 am          Speaker 5 – TBA

11:45 am          Speaker 6 – TBA Vanina Romanello, PhD Padua University, Italy


12:00 pm          Lunch

(Fortification Room)



Session 7

Mechanisms of Muscle Wasting: Muscle Microenvironment

Chair: Marco Sandri, PhD - Padua University, Italy


1:30 pm            Michael Rudnicki, PhD

                      University of Ottawa, CA

                              “Molecular regulation of stem cell function”


2:00 pm            Azeddine Atfi, PhD

                              Virginia Commonwealth University, USA


2:30 pm            Jerome Feige, PhD

                              Nestle, Switzerland

                       “Crosstalk in the muscle stem cell niche during aging and cachexia”



3:00 pm            Coffee Break

(Montreal Grand Ballroom Foyet)

Session 8

Therapy-Induced Muscle Dysfunction and Wasting

Chair: Vickie Baracos, PhD, University of Alberta, Canada


3:30 pm

Andrea Bonetto, PhD – Indiana University, USA

“Mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced musculoskeletal complications”


4:00 pm



Selected Short Talks (selected from abstracts)


4:30 pm

David Waning, PhD – Pennsylvania State University, USA


4:45 pm

Short Talk 6


5:00 pm

Closing Remarks


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